Benefits Of Pediatric Physical Therapy

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Child receiving pediatric physical therapy from a physical therapist

How Pediatric Physical Therapy Can Help Your Child

You may be thinking: 

Why in the world would my child need physical therapy? 

Isn’t it for adults? 

However, there are many benefits to pediatric physical therapy. Physical therapists that have specialized in offering physical therapy for kids can provide a number of services to treat disorders that may be genetic, orthopedic, neurological, as well as more common injuries. An experienced physical therapist will be able to treat patients as young as babies as well as teens and young adults.

Does My Child Need Pediatric Physical Therapy?

Child on a yoga ball practicing balance exercises at a physical therapy clinic

There is a wide variety of different types of physical therapy for kids. Whether your kid has been injured, is recovering from an accident, has pain, or simply wants to gain better balance skills, there’s a physical therapy program for them. If you’re unsure whether or not your kid would benefit from physical therapy, here are a few signs that might show you it’s time to bring them into a physical therapy clinic.

Frequent Tripping, Stumbling, and Overall Clumsiness

As a parent, you may have noticed that kids can be a little clumsy at times. However, some are definitely more so than others, and those are the ones that would certainly benefit from some physical therapy. A physical therapist could help coach your child in developing the skills needed to be less clumsy, helping them prevent unnecessary injuries. 

For example, a pediatric physical therapist could work with your child on their motor skills and help them increase their balance ability. If your child is constantly falling over or tripping on their own feet, they could greatly benefit from learning this skill. Falling down is one thing, but then you have to deal with the other injuries that come as a result, such as scraped knees, bruised faces, and even chipped teeth! Taking your kid to a physical therapy clinic to work on motor skills could help them avoid all of that.

Almost There, But Not Quite

Child getting help from a physical therapist to touch his toes

If your child is struggling to perform motor skills at the same level as their peers, they could develop low self-esteem, lack confidence in themselves, and even have a higher risk of being bullied for not being ‘up to par’ like the other kids.

With a little help from a trained physical therapist, they’ll be performing perfectly for their age range in no time. Regular visits to a physical therapy clinic will allow your child to gain the skills they need to keep up with their peers. This can boost their confidence significantly and help them develop a skill they can be proud of.

Ouch, That Hurts!

 Child practicing strength training with small weights with a physical therapist

If your child is complaining about pain when doing certain movements, that’s a sign to take them to see a physical therapist as well. A physical therapist will be able to pinpoint what’s causing them to hurt and provide insightful help and exercises to decrease the pain.

Perhaps your kid has been injured in the past and just hasn’t been able to get back to where they were, physically, before the injury. A physical therapist can help provide your child with activities and exercises to help increase their strength to achieve a full recovery. The past injury may not hurt them anymore, but your kid can still benefit from doing regular physical therapy to strengthen the weaker area from the previous injury. When left untreated, previous physical traumas can leave you more prone to injury. That’s why it’s so important to act sooner rather than later. Physical therapy can help prevent more injuries from happening to your child.

Where Should I Go?

Young boy practicing physical therapy on a yoga ball with assistance

When taking your child to physical therapy, be sure to pick a clinic that specializes in pediatric physical therapy so that your kids can get the treatment they need. Luckily, Pacific Rehabilitation & Sports Therapy has four different clinics that offer physical therapy for children. You can find this service offered in any of these locations: 

Call us to make an appointment today. We look forward to seeing you!

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