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Monterey, CA 93940

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Services at our Monterey physical therapy office include:

Who We Are

As the best physical therapy clinic in Monterey, CA, Cypress Coast Physical Therapy (A Pacific Rehab Affiliate) delivers custom care and professional physiotherapy treatment for a variety of conditions. From start to finish, our licensed therapists work with you to understand the nature of your pain or discomfort, recommend an appropriate treatment plan, and help you recover from and prevent re-injury or other complications.

physical therapist helps patient during ball exercise in a rehabilitation clinic

What We Do

At our physical therapy clinic, our treatment plans are catered specifically to your injury and your body’s needs. After assessing your strength and flexibility, we recommend a treatment program that will promote safe healing and a speedy recovery. We use both rehabilitation therapy and preventative therapy so we can be sure you are fully healed and comfortable, your physical strength has returned, and you have lowered your risk for re-injury before your recovery with us is complete.

Get Back to Feeling Great

Physical therapy can be so much more than just fixing your pain. With the right doctor of physical therapy, you can receive life-changing treatment that transforms the way you live. Pain isn’t something you have to live with. Experience relief from injury, medical procedures, and the daily activities that put a strain on our bodies. Get custom care from a licensed therapist at Cypress Coast Physical Therapy (A Pacific Rehab Affiliate).

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