Visit a Physical Therapist in San Ramon, CA (A California Rehabilitation & Sports Therapy Affiliate)

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San Ramon

Phone: 925.735.6414
Fax: 925.735.6450

Monday – Friday:
7:00 am – 7:00 pm


Who We Are

Meet with a physical therapist in San Ramon, CA today to find out how an individualized treatment plan can get you back to your best self. As the #1 physical therapy clinic in San Ramon, Pacific Rehabilitation and Sports Therapy (An Affiliate of California Rehabilitation & Sports Therapy) offers professional, personalized treatment and custom care during your entire recovery process. Our therapists are trained to recognize your condition, recommend an effective treatment plan, and work with you on the road to recovery.

physical therapist massages patients back as patient sits on table at physical therapy office

What We Do

Our treatment programs involve rehabilitation therapy as well as preventative therapy to ensure your injuries are healed, your pain and discomforts are addressed, and your body is strong enough to avoid re-injury and other complications after you have completed our treatment.

Start Feeling Your Best

Many individuals in need of physical therapy often overlook the benefits of the practice a lack of guidance from medical practitioners or their belief that they can recover on their own. But physical therapy can be a great way to heal the body and overcome the things that prevent us from fully enjoying life.

In addition to providing relief from major injuries or medical procedures, physical therapy can offer relief from many of the day-to-day physical strains that can also harm our bodies. You don’t have to live with pain. With custom care from Pacific Rehab (An Affiliate of California Rehabilitation & Sports Therapy)), you can enjoy a happy and pain-free life once again. Give us a call or visit our physical therapy clinic to find out what services are best for you.

Check out our physical therapist office in San Ramon, CA today!

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