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We’re Here For You

Visit Health-Pro Physical Therapy (An Affiliate of California Rehabilitation & Sports Therapy) in Walnut Creek, CA to discuss which services are right for you. Our physical therapy clinic focuses on preventative and rehabilitative therapy to make sure you are always feeling your best. This includes sport-specific services as well as general PT for stretching, strengthening, and a complete return to full function.

Physical therapist helping a woman use elastic bands during stretching rehabilitation exercise

Individualized Physical Therapy Treatment

In addition to traditional PT services, we strive to provide treatment to all kinds of unique and diverse clients. Whether you are concerned about a specific sport, activity, work-related injury, or any type of recovery, we will find the right plan for you. There is no set recovery plan, we customize every physical therapy treatment to meet the individual’s needs. 

No More Pain

Everyone deserves to feel their best without experiencing regular pain and discomfort. Whether you are proactively working to avoid injury or seeking rehabilitation, we are here to help. At the Stockton physical therapy clinic, our first priority is your well-being. We are consistently aiming to be better as a team to ensure we are always providing our patients with the best care possible. Talk to us today to see what a difference feeling great can make in your daily life.

Say goodbye to nagging discomfort and the days when you weren’t performing at your best.

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