At Pacific Rehabilitation and Sports Therapy, we are committed to making your experience as comfortable as possible. The following are frequently asked questions about what to expect during your visits:

What should I expect during my physical therapy treatments?

On your first visit a thorough evaluation will be done by a licensed therapist followed by a treatment session on the same day. Your treatment may consist of therapeutic exercise, manual (hands-on) therapy, and therapeutic modalities if indicated (i.e. ice/heat, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, mechanical traction, etc.).

When should I arrive to my scheduled appointment?

Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your initial evaluation to fill out the required paperwork. For all other appointments, you can arrive at your scheduled time.

How long do physical therapy sessions usually last?

Physical Therapy appointments vary in length depending on your diagnosis and the type of treatments being given. Treatment sessions can range from 30-45 minutes on average. If you are unable to stay for a full session, please inform your therapist and your treatment can be modified.

Is physical therapy painful?

It is common for patients to have mild increased soreness after their initial evaluation. This is only temporary. Please inform your therapist if you do have increased discomfort after therapy session and the therapist will adjust or modify your therapy to decrease your discomfort level. Feel free to call your therapist if you have any other questions or concerns.

What should I wear to physical therapy?

Patients should wear clothing and shoes that are comfortable and appropriate for exercising. Depending on the body part being treated, clothing should be loose enough to expose the area for treatment.

Do I need a doctor’s referral?

Recently a new law (AB1000) has passed in California that allows direct access to physical therapy services by a licensed Physical Therapist. This means that you can access physical therapy care without a referral or prior diagnosis. If you would like your insurance to pay for physical therapy services, it is important to contact your insurance company to determine if a referral is necessary for benefits to be paid out. Most of the time you will need a doctor’s written referral for physical therapy so your insurance company will cover the cost of therapy.

If you do not have insurance or you plan to pay cash, you will not need a referral. Please contact us if you have any further questions.

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